expert witness recommendations

“… It is my opinion that Dr. Madoff possesses all of the characteristics that make an excellent expert witness. His analysis is thorough and medically sound. He is accessible to the attorneys hiring him. He is flexible in scheduling deposition and trial testimony. He is articulate during direct examination, and holds his ground well under cross-examination. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Madoff to any attorneys needing an expert witness in the field of endocrinology.”

Aaron Sprague, Esq.
Coker, Schickel, Sorenson & Posgay

“It was a pleasure to work with physician and expert witness David H. Madoff M.D., Ph.D. on several medical malpractice cases… Dr. Madoff was responsive, had an excellent grasp of the issues and wrote exceptional expert witness reports… I found him to be very knowledgeable in his areas of expertise, which include diabetes as well as general endocrinology and metabolism… I can highly recommend Dr. Madoff for medical malpractice and other medical-legal assignments.”